About Us

Here at Rundana, we love everything running and understand that each runner has their own needs when it comes to what they carry on their runs.

From Gels, chews, and drinks to accessories like headphones, socks and music choices, each runner likes to use products that serve their needs, and makes every run more enjoyable.

That's why we love the Rundana! It is one piece of running essential gear that can adapt to different environments and needs, even in the middle of the run.

You can wear it as a running headband to hold back those flyaway bangs, or pull it down over your mouth and neck to keep the biting wind at bay, or simply cover your ears with it on your cold winter runs. It's not just for running either, use to for hiking, biking, or just as a fun fashion accessory.

We even had a report of a woman wearing a Rundana during child birth! She needed something light that would keep her hair from getting all crazy... word has it, Rundana was the perfect thing.

About The Team

We're just a bunch of recreation enthusiasts that are always looking for the best products and gear out there to allow us and others to perform better, be healthier, and have more fun.

Our office is located in beautiful Bend, Oregon, so we get many opportunities to test and try out some great outdoor gear, and we want to make it a habit to introduce all the cool stuff we find to others that love the outdoors as much as we do.

From Mud Runs, to 5Ks, to Marathons and Tri's, our staff is always on the road or trail looking for new and fun ways to make ourselves better.

When we find something else cool, we'll make sure to share it.